10 tips to gain muscle for Beginner

The beginner in bodybuilding is often drowned in a huge mass of information, not knowing where to turn. Proof there is, the various bodybuilding forum

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10 tips to gain muscle for BeginnerThe beginner in bodybuilding is often drowned in a huge mass of information, not knowing where to turn. Proof there is, the various bodybuilding forums or the beginner does not know how to progress, sailing without stopping program in program.

This article aims to summarize the 10 key points that a beginner needs to focus on in order to get started.

1 – Do with your genetics

Everyone is not “cut” in V, is not made to have arms of 45 naturally. That’s the genetics we have to do with it. You must agree to have muscles that grow less quickly than others, to have thin bones or large size.

But to accept your genetics does not mean giving up progress, even on your weak points! It is realistic and not dreaming of the inaccessible (resemble Arnold for example).

2 – Learn to be patient

Have you ever heard someone tell you that he did not want to force you too hard for fear of getting muscle too fast?

Well, know, unfortunately, that taking muscle is a journey of many months, years, even decades! We progress gradually, and as Dorian Yates would say, 6 times Mr. Olympia, in analogy with the construction of a house, we pose brick by brick.

If you are steady and persevering, you will be rewarded one day or another.

3 – Avoid injuries: Warm up and stretch

It happens sometimes when you train, start, feel invincible, indestructible, as if nothing went, could not stop us.

Unfortunately, this period does not last long. All practitioners with long years of training behind them will tell you. The soul body is not made to lift day after day from melting.

That’s why you have to take care of your body. Because to progress, you have to last. Warming up and stretching are two practices that you must integrate into your training, obligatorily.

Warm up before each session, even if you are in a hurry, even if you want to remove an exercise from your program. It’s always better than getting hurt.

And stretch after each session, or even do sessions dedicated to stretching to remain flexible and not to stiffen. It is fast enough to tear a muscle during a stretch a little violent during an exercise when one is not flexible enough.

4 – Keep it simple

I will tell you a story. A few years ago, I knew a person who had a training program all that was more commonplace. He progressed regularly without encountering any particular problem.

Gradually, he became interested in why and how. Why did such a program work? Why do not that?

He changed his program, always doing something more and more far-fetched.

Two years later, he had lost more than 10 kg, and ready for 5 cm of arms!

This does not mean that you should not be interested in understanding the training, but keep it simple when it comes to developing your bodybuilding program. Do not scatter by going on the last program that so-and-so or so. Stay simple!

5 – Have a balanced program

You want Pecs, shoulders and arms, I guess?

But what about the back, thighs and other muscle groups?

If you work only the muscles of the “front”, certainly, you will take the muscle of “face” but it will last only one time, until the injury.

By not balancing the forces on either side of the joints, by not developing equitably, you force your chance to hurt yourself and lose your hard-earned muscles. Work then all your muscles, do not forget any!

6 – Leave your ego in the closet

We are constantly told that we must put heavy, still heavy, always heavier.

But heavy, it does not mean too heavy. You, as a beginner, must learn the various exercises correctly with flawless technique.

You must control your movements, and not the other way around, let the load guide you.

In addition, everyone does not care if you put 30 or 50 kg!

Be, again, patient. Charges will go up little by little, with the right technique.

7 – Do not neglect your dietetics

If there is one thing to neglect by most practitioners, it is their food. If you want to progress “quickly”, you must have a proper diet, which allow you to feed your muscles, recover faster.

It is not for nothing that many champions cite nutrition as the predominant factor in their results (before training, rest, and doping). Without going to, be aware that if you neglect this aspect of bodybuilding, you will not progress as quickly as possible.

8 – Take supplements?

No sooner do they begin than beginners want to buy protein powder or other supplements touted by the last defending champion.

Even before having a “diet”, a diet suitable for bodybuilding!

As if the supplements had a magical effect, they were mandatory to progress. Before considering the purchase of a particular supplement, you must already have a diet, a diet adapted, it is the basis.

After that, adding supplements will be helpful. But, do not buy anything, without looking at the composition, without knowing what you are actually buying. Read the labels, compare, and only after, according to your budget, buy it but without expecting to explode your t-shirt sleeves on the first take. It’s like training, dietetics, all the progress is made in the long term, the duration.

So do not expect miracle supplements on the short term.

9 – Set goals

What do you want, what should you do to get it, how to get there as quickly as possible?

These are the questions you need to think about when designing your sessions.

Training at random until progress comes out of the hat is the worst thing to do when you start.

You must set reasonable goals for each session, for each week, each month, to continue building your “home”.

Otherwise, you will always stay in the shoes, without ever climbing to the top floor. Plan your training according to your goal, do not leave it to chance.

10 – The doping trap

It always shocks me.

A beginner trains a few weeks, hears about products without knowing what it is about and decides to take without knowing what exactly waits.

Anabolic steroids are the basis of medication. They are not made for sports use. These are some of their “secondary” effects. If only, it was the only one.

As a male hormone derivative, testosterone most of the time, you should expect a number of really secondary effects this time such as hair loss, acne, gynecomastia … and more seriously the development of all kinds of cancer!

So do not fall into the trap because there is nothing to gain to dope, nothing! Not even money, because in bodybuilding, apart from a handshake and a cup, you will have “nothing”.

Progress for yourself and not for others, at your level.