Best Breakfast tips to lose weight

Best Breakfast tips to lose weight

Breakfast is one of the most important meals; we will let you know how your breakfast should be to lose weight. The famous phrase: "eat like a king,

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Breakfast is one of the most important meals; we will let you know how your breakfast should be to lose weight.

The famous phrase: “eat like a king, eat like a prince and dine like a beggar”, even if it does not seem like it, has a lot of wisdom.

When we wake up in the morning, we have a whole day ahead of us in which we will spend a lot of energy, therefore, our breakfast should provide us with all that energy that we will need throughout the day, or at least in the morning.

Thanks to the discovery of the circadian rhythms of our body , we now know that we must adapt our diet to the caloric expenditure that we will have throughout our daily activities, and if we want to lose weight, we should make a more forceful breakfast and dinner very light. You can get more information in our article: ” weight loss in Chennai: diet based on circadian rhythms.”

Let’s see how you can modify your breakfast to help you lose weight.

Start the day with a good breakfast.


In a good breakfast cannot miss a good amount of protein, fruit and complex carbohydrates.

Protein: it can come from a glass of milk, fresh cheese, ham, soy … but make sure that everything we drink is low in fat.

Fruit: we can choose those that provide fiber and have more satiating effect. Traditionally orange juice is taken at breakfast, and is a good choice, although citrus fruit that helps you lose weight is grapefruit because it has a flavonoid that has been proven to help burn fat more effectively to get Energy.

Complex carbohydrates: carbohydrates that are released very slowly in our bodies, providing energy constantly, helping us not to go hungry during the morning. But they have a much more important function. If we do not take enough carbohydrates in the morning, in the afternoons, we will have very low serotonin and we will feel anxiety for sweet things, which under no circumstances should we consume at night, since it is during the night when the body resorts to the deposits of fat for energy, if we have not provided carbohydrates during dinner, so that in this way, we will get the body to resort to the use of subcutaneous fat.

Green tomato

You could substitute the coffee for a yogurt, and get the caffeine effect of the tein that contains green tea, which according to some studies has been shown to significantly activate the metabolism, which will increase the calorie burn throughout the day. This increase in caloric gas is due to its thermogenic properties that will raise your body temperature a bit and for this the body will have to burn fat.

It combines healthy fibres free of sugar.

You can prepare your own muesli using two cups of whole oats mixed with nuts, seeds and brown sugar or honey mixed with milk or yogurt that in addition to giving you the amount of complex carbohydrates necessary will provide fiber that has satiating effects.

That you do not lack the proteins in the breakfast.

They are fundamental in the diet , and even more if you are trying to lose weight.

When your body does not give you the necessary daily amount of protein, to obtain this essential component for your body, the body resorts to the use of your own muscle mass to obtain it, and that is why sometimes, if you make a diet too low in protein, instead of losing fat, we lose weight at the expense of our muscle mass, which makes our metabolism slow down.

The natural yogurt is a good choice, but so is milk. The dairy that contains more protein with lower caloric intake is low-calorie cottage cheese, which you can take with a little honey and fruit or muesli, and you would have all the nutrients you need to include in your breakfast.

Only skimmed dairy

Be very careful that the dairy products you drink are skimmed. Whole milk has many calories, about 58 per 100 ml, but a breakfast glass has about 250 ml, which would make 145 calories …. However, a glass of skimmed milk has only 80 calories.