The Best Diet Pills

The Best Diet Pills

And now, the most controversial, the most delicate subject that touches on weight loss... What are the best diet pills? Although this billion-do

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And now, the most controversial, the most delicate subject that touches on weight loss…

What are the best diet pills?

Although this billion-dollar industry is built mostly on lies and deception, it is by far, especially on forums and specialized sites, the most bustling part and, in this guide, it’s is the section that needs the most answers.

You would like to know:

What are the best products to lose weight? What are the best fat burners? What are the best appetite suppressants? What are the best products for overall health in general?

  • Which ones should you take?
  • What are their advantages?
  • What are they doing ?
  • Are they effective?
  • Are they safe?
  • Do they have side effects?
  • Which brand is the best?
  • How much should I take?
  • How many times do I have to take them?
  • When should I take them?
  • How should I take them?

Before I can answer these questions, I need to make things clear …

No diet medicine is magic!

Do you have a goal?

Lose fat, eat less, gain muscle, increase your strength, improve your tone and your health in general …

Anyway, remember this:

There is no magic supplement that will do everything for you to achieve this goal!

The truth is that a good product can support you during a diet and a program of physical effort adapted to your case.


So, before you go any further, the first thing you need to know about dietary supplements is that none is really essential, if you have an iron will to achieve your goals.

No matter what you’ve read or heard, you do not need to spend a dime on anything, if you’re determined to reach your goals and lose your extra pounds.

Unfortunately, it must be recognized that only a few people are physically and mentally capable of doing without the help that good slimming products can provide, including those who suffer the consequences of age, a particular medical condition, or ‘a transient or chronic emotional fragility.

Nowadays, the pressures exerted on us by the daily needs of life make it more and more difficult to have an iron will or a foolproof mind.

We must not hide the face: we are more and more busy and more and more fragile.

Anyway, many people use dietary supplements of all kinds. It is a fact.

90% of diet pills are more or less scams

This is true, and I may be wrong, because this figure is revised upwards each passing day.

As I mentioned a moment ago, diet pills are a billion-dollar industry, most of the time built on lies. Ads, benefits, results presented, testimonials, before and after photos…

These are a lot of lies developed to fool you.


Because manufacturers want your money, and they are willing to say and do anything to make you buy their dubious products.

The truth is that no matter what is said on the bottle, no matter what is said in its description, no matter what they claim in their advertising, no matter what you heard in your gym, no matter what you could read online somewhere, and no matter what the idiot in the supplement store tells you … at least 90% of all diet pills are wasteful waste.

Some are useless, some inefficient, some are simply dangerous, and some are a combination of all of this.

Anyway, this describes the majority of products to lose weight on the market.

But then, are there any that are really useful?

Of course, and I’ll tell you about it in a moment…


No slimming pill can replace a healthy lifestyle!

Despite the endless number of lies that supplement manufacturers are willing to say, the magic pill does not exist and will not be able to “do the work for you”.

There is no supplement that will make you lose all your fat.

There is no dietary supplement that will get you muscle when you are on a couch all the time.

Only a healthy diet and an adequate program of physical activity are able to do these things . Once you’ve put them in place and put them into action, weight loss supplements can potentially improve your results.

It’s help … to your slimming plan. They can help you … NOT do all the work for you.

What if you do not do this and continue to eat as before, without moving from time to time?

So, no, the supplements will NOT help at all. Even the best, the ones I’m about to introduce are in this case useless. The lack of good nutrition and physical activity will make them useless.

So, the third important fact you need to know about dietary supplements is that the few that are useful are not effective in all situations.

They can only help once you do everything else (diet / exercises) properly.

That’s why many people sometimes complain that a product to lose weight, deemed good, while others are totally satisfied with the help he has given them: even taking an excellent product you will know whether it will have the desired effect or not on YOUR own organism.

Only your body can give you a clear answer after a sufficient period of use.

Are there slimming pills that really make you lose weight?

Now you are about to learn more about the few pills that can (and in some cases should) be taken.

However, before coming to these specificities, there is just another point that I want to make perfectly clear:

These supplements should only be consumed if these 2 conditions are met:

  1. Their effectiveness must be proven, with studies and certificates in support.
  2. They must be safe, without any troublesome or dangerous side effects.

You have to be cautious about what you give to your body. So, if it’s dangerous, do not bother going any further.


Having said all that, let’s talk about it.

Here is the list of pills that help lose weight, the most commonly used and meet the requirements of my two conditions.

The best diet pills we’ve tested


This type of slimming product works by blocking some of the fat you consume, and prevent it from entering your body.

The best product of this category that we have tested is Proactol XS.


Some foods have a very strong them organic effect, so you literally burn the calories you consume.

Some diet drugs, which contain concentrates of these foods, act by increasing the ability of your metabolism to burn more fat than you consume or to solicit your body, through various processes, to use the fat already stored in the body, and so lose weight.

The champions of fat burning, and have been for several years already, are probably Capsiplex and Phen375.


Unique Hoodia is an excellent natural appetite suppressant, consisting of genuine South African Hoodia Gordonii. It allows a fast decrease of the feeling of hunger, and thus considerably strengthens your chances of losing weight.

Are there others?

Maybe, but we tested dozens, and these are the ones that gave the best results.

And after?

We are almost there … Here is the next article to read…