Cleaning your DIY face: here is how to make it home with natural products

Cleaning your DIY face: here is how to make it home with natural products

Sometimes we only think about cleansing the face when we approach an important event, so we do not want to appear with the face dotted with acne, blac

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Sometimes we only think about cleansing the face when we approach an important event, so we do not want to appear with the face dotted with acne, black spots, and imperfections. Instead, facial cleansing is a ritual that should often be observed for the health and beauty of our face. You do not have to go to an anesthetist because your facial cleansing can be done safely at home and with natural products.

The importance of facial cleansing is done by yourself

There is a reason why facial cleansing is so important: every day we accumulate, on our skin, layers of dead cells, and smog and makeup remnants with the result that the skin becomes weak and appears off, opaque and unmanaged. They appear: wrinkles, black spots,pimples,spots, and skin tends to dry and redden.

Why does facial cleansing do you do?

Home-made facial cleansing does not involve the use of products that could harm the skin, make it totally relaxing and a gesture of love in your face.

The skin needs to breathe, to be free, clean and nourished, in a few gestures, in the cleansing of the face, we give it all this. Farewell imperfections and impurities.

Now let’s have an afternoon available, a few hours free to take care of ourselves, maybe in a few days there will be an important event and this facial cleansing is what we need to have a wonderful face.

Clean your DIY face: here’s how to do it home

There are 5 gestures to accomplish to get the most out of this facial cleansing:

  1. Open the pores;
  2. Cleanse;
  3. Purify;
  4. Close the pores;
  5. Moisturize.

Let’s see all 5 gestures in detail to find out the secrets of a perfect facial cleansing.

  1. Open the pores: that is, prepare your face for cleansing

The secret of this first step is steam. Our skin is made up of so many pores, it is used to perspiration to get the sweat out and can flare up, dilate or clog. To have them opened and clean them well you need a facial sauna. There are some models available for sale, but you can get yourself a good deal by yourself.

Take a pot of water and let it boil when bubbles pour into two teaspoons of bicarbonate. Let’s get it on a comfortable surface and expose your face to steam, without burning, for a quarter of an hour. We cover our head with a towel to avoid dispersing the vapor. With this simple gesture, the pores open and the skin purification begins.

  1. Remove dead cells and clean the skin: scrub and detergent

The second step is afacialscrub, it is very important because it serves to remove dead cells and surface impurities. By removing debris the skin is able to breathe and regenerate. It is not advisable to use the scrub on acne, inflamed or injured skin.


If you have very delicate skin, you can use the bicarbonate mixed with little water and honey to get a granular paste. For normal skin, go for sugar, honey, and lemon juice.

So we massage the scrub on the face well, avoiding the eye contour, so rinse with lukewarm water.

Now let’s get rid of the skin: we can clean the skin with a cleansing milk or a mild, natural cleanser, suitable for our skin type. Rose water, olive oil is also good if the skin is not greasy or coconut butter. For fatty skin better opt for something astringent but not too much. Then we take the product and massage it into the skin with circular movements, to activate the circulation, rinse.

  1. Purify your skin with natural facial masks

In the face-to-face cleaning obviously, you cannot miss a mask, strictly do it yourself? We choose it according to our skin type.

Inflamed skin:chamomile,aloe,and calendula.

Fat skin:lemon, clay, apple, honey, bandana.

Stressed skin: cucumber, aloe, honey.

Skin with black spots: honey, egg yolk, food jelly.

Dry skin: avocado.

Basic natural yogurt, for all, but also honey that is antibacterial and nutritious. We then mix the ingredients used to our skin and disperse the dense compound on the face. We hold for at least 30 minutes, rinse with warm water. Also read: Black Mask DIY, Facial Cleansing Face Mask and Face Clay Mask.

  1. Close the pores with the toner

The pores are still dilated and closed. As? With a toned DIY. We can prepare a decoction of rosemary, or use lemon juice or a parsley decoction that are astringent and bright, or a decoction of orange peel and grapefruit. They also have very good green tea, or mint and apple vinegar. The tonic should be tapped on the face and allowed to dry in the air.

  1. Hydration with the right cream

Our cleansing of your face is almost finished and you miss the moment of hydration. We choose a moisturizer, safe and natural, suitable for our skin. If the DIY cleaning is done by day it is good to find a day cream if not a night cream. The moisturizer should be massaged at all points and of course, you have to use one suitable for the eye contour.

What to do after facial cleansing?

Here are some things to do and not to do after the cleansing of the face:

Facial gymnastics to prevent wrinkles: iron your face skin with your fingers, buckle and relax your eyebrows, open your eyes, make exaggerated vowels with your mouth moving all the muscles of your face.

Relaxing Face Yoga: By closing our eyes, we imagine relaxing every single muscle of the face, imagine a relaxing place full of light and air, breathe this nose by breathing in the nose and exhaling from the mouth, completely relaxing the face. We do it a dozen times.

Do not expose yourself directly to the sun or the weather, if it is necessary to get out and there is very cold covering with a scarf.

The cleansing of the face makes you very cheap, it is simple, relaxing and allows you to have a beautiful and healthy face to try to believe.